Life At NTG

Every Dream Matters

We believe every dream has a rightful place in this world and dreamers have a right to convert the dreams into realities. We know each dream has a potential and that is why we believe in making those count.

This is how, at NTG, we create more potentialisers every day. Through our socially and environmentally responsible business practices, we invest not only in the success of our company but also in the future of Bangladesh. Our people and the communities are an integral part of how NTG operates.

We envision the alignment of our operation and our people’s dreams as the future of our company.

NTG empowers its people to create more future leaders and wants to revolutionize the garment industry in Bangladesh by making people-oriented values as an industry standard. At NTG, we honor dreamers every day by creating opportunities for them to learn and grow, so they get a step closer to their dreams. Because every dream matters!